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High Quality Tungsten Steel Speciality Steels /Tungsten Carbide Steel

  • Delivered Conditions
    Hardness in the annealed ≤255 HB
  • Forms Supplied
    Wire Rod/Drawn Wire/Round Bar
  • Finish
    Tungsten carbide steel
  • Length Tolerance
    2mto6m ±50mm
  • Material
    Carbide Steel

1.Tungsten carbide steel typically exhibits a hardness ranging from HRA 80-90, sometimes even higher. This enables it to maintain shape stability and resist deformation or wear during cutting, drilling, grinding, and similar processes, ensuring prolonged tool longevity.

2.It boasts outstanding wear resistance, retaining excellent performance even under harsh conditions such as high temperatures and pressures.

3.It finds application in various industrial sectors including cutting tools, drill bits, molds, as well as in the manufacture of high-performance components like bearings and nozzles.